Willka T’ika,  Peru

Jessica Flores Huamantica


Jessica was the principal of Chumpe School for the last ten years. She decided her life to ensuring that her students thrived. She transformed a school that was almost abandoned to a well respected learning institution where students were completing high school for the first time and several earning scores high enough on their graduate exit exam to earn admittance to the university. She ensured that students were fed a nutritious daily meal and helped push her teachers to give their very best. She never tolerated abuse and discrimination of her students because they were Quechua and coming from the mountain communities and she never lowered her expectations or listened to others who believed that her students would not succeed. She expected the best from her students and staff because she knew education was the key to improving the quality of life for her students and the Quechua communities. Jessica was recently relocated and will be taking on the principal position at Pokes school. A school which was closed for several years and the school board recently decided to reopen because the mountain communities population has increased. Once again she is starting over in a school that is in shambles, but she is determined to help her students succeed here too.

Jessica Flores Huamantica Leads the Following Project

New School, New Hope

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