Lotus Villa Orphanage Fund,  Laos

Laphasouk Saybounheuang


Meet Local Hero Laphasouk, who oversees the Lotus Villa Orphanage Fund for the Lotus Villa Boutique Hotel which supports the Deak Kum Pa Orphanage in Luang Prabang, Laos.  Laphasouk actively works to help youth in the local community improve their lives through educational opportunities and skills training.  The orphanage is both home and school to over 550 children from ages 6-17. Through the Orphanage Fund, the Lotus Villa is able to provide food and basic hygiene necessities for the orphans.

Laphasouk first started working for the orphanage fund in 2009; her responsibilities include purchasing food for their nutrition assistance program and coordinating the hospital and scholarship programs. Laphasouk’s contribution to the welfare of the children is substantial. She also helps youth beyond the orphanage to have better educational opportunities, access to skills training, and assistance with transitioning from the orphanage to either university studies or full-time employment. Read more about Laphasouk’s 4 projects with GO below.

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Laphasouk Saybounheuang Leads the Following Project

Help Graduates Succeed

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Education and Life Skills

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Orphanage to Independence

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Orphanage to Independence Y2

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