Lenou's Library,  Laos

Lenou Sypasurt


Lenou Sypasurt is a young man who dreams of a literate youth population in Laos. With money he saved from working as a dishwasher in Australia, this Local Hero rented a small house near Luang Prabang, converted it into a library and classroom and invited the local youth to come – for free. Lenou grew up in a small rural village where the “local” school was far away and there was no library nearby. As an adult, he was determined to help the children in Luang Prabang have more opportunities than he had as a child. In 2009, he opened Lenou’s Library—a special place where children can borrow books, study, or take English classes. Read more about Lenou and his partnership with GO below.

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Lenou Sypasurt Leads the Following Project

A Room to Read and Learn

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