Mitaboni Special Unit (MSU),  Kenya

Lesa Musyoki


In many African societies, disabilities are often thought to bring about bad luck or as a punishment for something evil. Because of this stigma, many disabled children grow up isolated from their communities. Local Hero Lesa Musyoki is committed to improving the lives of children with disabilities in her community, taking action as the project coordinator for the Mitaboni Special Unit (MSU). Before MSU was started, disabled children in the community were victimized by prejudice, unable to learn, play, befriend other children and reach their personal potential in life. Misunderstood by their community and in some cases, their own parents, Lesa, says they were “neglected and abandoned, either locked in their homes or put in a hidden corner outside the house.” Go Partnered with Lesa and MSU to provide uniforms for 100 children living with disabilities in rural Kenya, enabling them to go to school where they can learn, play and gain much needed self-confidence. Read more about Lesa and her project with GO below.

Lesa Musyoki Leads the Following Project

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