Mubarika Campus,  Pakistan

Nadir Minhas


Nadir is the Chairman of the Mubarika Trust, which oversees the growth and success of Mubarika campus, a primary and secondary school in rural Pakistan. Nadir has an undergraduate degree in Finance, from San Jose State University and a Masters in Sustainable Energy from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. His initial schooling was completed in Pakistan.

He is the son of Nawaz Ahmed Minhas and Begum Salma Akhtar Malik, the husband and wife couple who first founded the school. Nawaz and Salma both have family roots in the small farming village where Mubarika Campus is located. When they visited the village, Nawaz and Begum learned about the major hardships facing this impoverished community, including the marginalization of women and girls. Many girls are married in their early teens, and their sole purpose became to raise families.

Nawaz and Begum wanted to end this cycle of poverty and subjugation, and decided to open a girls’ secondary school in 2006. The school is named Mubarika, in honor of Begum’s mother who, while formally uneducated herself, believed in the empowerment of women through education. The campus is now open to both boys and girls, and includes students from grades 1-10.

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