Will to Live Center (WLC),  Vietnam

Nguyen Cong Hung


Cong Hung is one of Vietnam’s only advocates for children with disabilities. Cong Hung founded the Will to Live Center (WLC), a small social enterprise that supports, trains, and assists disabled youth in finding employment so they can increase their level of independence. By overcoming his own physical limitations, Cong Hung has become a role model for the disabled and an inspiration to all.

Born into a poor family in Nghi Loc Commune in the central province of Nghe An, Cong Hung contracted polio as an infant and was left nearly paralyzed. The two organs that still function properly are his brain and one finger. Despite great difficulties, he managed to continue with school until 7th grade. After leaving school, he was stuck inside all the time and became drawn to computers, which he saw on television. His parents finally managed to buy him one and it transformed his life. He started WLC because he wanted to help others who are also physically handicapped realize their full potential, and that is precisely what he’s done. Read more about Cong Hung and his project with GO below.

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