Global Vision for Missions Network,  Tanzania

Simon Sori


Simon was working as a pastor in the villages of Chekereni and Mabogini in 2010 and he was stuck by the number of orphans that kept coming up to him and asking him for food or other assistance. He and his wife started to care for 5 children and later it grew to 7. He wanted to understand why the numbers were increasing and he learned that many of the children were orphans due to AIDS; they were living with grandmothers who were too old to care for them or find them food. These children reminded Simon of his childhood and that of his younger siblings. Simon’s mother died when he was in the first grade. He had to leave school and sell tree­brushing sticks on the streets in order to bring food home to his younger brother and sister. His younger sister was forced to engage in sexual relationships with older men to help provide for their needs. To prevent these children from having a similar fate, Simon and his wife committed their lives to ensuring the safety and care of the most vulnerable.

Simon Sori Leads the Following Project

Orphan Safety Now

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Hospitality for Orphans

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