Madagascar Ankizy Fund,  Madagascar

Pierre Rakotoson


Pierre Rakotoson is the In-Country Coordinator for the Madagascar Ankizy Fund (MAF). He has over a decade of non-profit operations and management experience, and he oversees and facilitates the organization’s operations on the ground on a day-to-day basis. Pierre has helped MAF fulfill an unmet need in Berivotra—a school where children could thrive. In 1996, U.S. paleontologists were digging fossils near Berivotra, kids from the local village would gather around their site every day, curiously watching what they were doing. Eventually, the scientists began to wonder why they weren’t in school. When they asked the children, they answered, “We don’t have a school.”

MAF was started initially as a way to respond to this simply request for a school by the children of Berivotra. Pierre oversaw construction of that first school, and since then has helped MAF build four more schools in Madagascar, bringing education to young curious minds throughout the region. Read more about their project with GO below.

Pierre Rakotoson Leads the Following Project

Beds, Blankets and School Furnishings for Students

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