Community Agenda for Sustainable Development (CASDEV) ,  Kenya

Qalicha Boru


Qalicha Boru works as a giraffe guard (he literally guards giraffes!) in Nairobi, but it is in the arid district of Moyale, where he grew up in Northern Kenya, that he has become a Local Hero. Long regarded a marginal area by governments, Moyale suffers from high rates of poverty, recurrent droughts, tribal animosities and high rates of HIV/AIDS leaving children to fend for themselves or be forced into marriage at a young age to provide relatives a dowry. Qalicha has been working slowly and methodically for several years with the local community and government leaders in the Moyale District to address the great needs of this community. He founded Community Agenda for Sustainable Development (CASDEV), an organization that seeks to eradicate poverty and address critical socio-economic and environmental issues in rural Moyale. With a focus on sustainable solutions, Qalicha devised a vocational training program to provide single mothers with skills training so that they can generate income and ensure their children’s educational and medical needs are taken of. Read more about Qalicha and his project with GO below.

Qalicha Boru Leads the Following Project

Economic Empowerment for Families

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