Humura House,  Rwanda

Teddy Karuletwa


Meet Teddy Karuletwa, a Local Hero in the capital city of Kigali, Rwanda. In the 1960’s, Teddy and her family fled Rwanda, fearing for their lives due to the political unrest spreading throughout the country. She spent most of her life as a refugee, a Tutsi, unable to live in her own country simply because of her ethnic group. After 35 years in exile, Teddy and her husband returned to Rwanda shortly after the end of the genocide in 1994 in order to help rebuild, foster hope and nurture Rwandan youth in desperate need of care, love and guidance. Teddy opened “Mama’s Restaurant” and soon children and widows flooded her doorstep in search of free food and a safe place to stay. As the number of hungry children and widows grew, she made the decision to do something more to help them.

Teddy unofficially established Humura House (HH) in 2001, a safe home and learning environment for women and children and in 2008 Humura House, which means, “do not despair,” became a registered organization with the Rwandan government. Today HH provides 300 orphans and vulnerable children, living on the streets of Kigali and in the surrounding areas, with loving care and adult guidance, distributes nutritious meals and fosters a true sense of family and community. Read more about Teddy’s projects with GO below.

Teddy Karuletwa Leads the Following Project

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