Pearl River Outreach (PRO),  China

Dr. Tong Gen Sheng


Dr. Tong has worked as a family physician for more than 35 years and has exclusively worked with children in the foster care system for more than 10 years. After noticing significant developmental delays from children who were adopted from Chinese orphanages,  it became clear that there was a great need to train orphanage staff and foster parents in China and teach them skills that promote healthy, early childhood development.

The mission of PRO is to address this lack of training at the most basic level of orphan care. Dr. Tong is highly respected by the staff at both orphanages where PRO works, Changsha No. 1 SWI and Hengshan SWI. Staff at both institutions listen to his concerns and closely follow his recommendations for the treatment and diagnosis of children in the foster care program. Read more about PRO’s projects with GO below.

Dr. Tong Gen Sheng Leads the Following Project

Bamboo Babies

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Doctor in the House

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