Bright Junior School,  Kenya

Wambui and Mary Wamaitha


Wambui and Mary Wamaitha, two women living in the Kware slum in Ongata Rongai, Kenya, decided that they could no longer stand idly by watching children spend their days on the streets because their families are too poor to send them to school. Although education is free in Kenya, public schools have fees for uniforms and other items that make attendence impossible for children of families who cannot afford to pay.

These Local Heroes founded Bright Junior School in early 2008 to provide these children in need with a primary education and a daily meal. To start, they rented one small room for a classroom and soon the school attracted families in the area. Currently, Wambui and Mary teach 40 children between ages 3-10 in two rented classrooms. The school stays open thanks to private donations and small fees that the families are able to contribute monthly.

Wambui and Mary Wamaitha Leads the Following Project

Textbooks for 40 students

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