GO Family Offices

You Make the Difference… (We Just Make it Easier)

GO Campaign offers family offices and foundations a trusted place to make philanthropic donations. We work together with you to ensure that your investments will make the greatest impact towards your legacy goals. We have built strong connections with over 106 Local Heroes and we work with them to find, create and execute projects that serve a need within their communities. We know you want to make a difference and we have the resources to make that process as easy as possible for you.


Be a part of one of GO Campaign’s Initiatives or Campaigns! From our GO Girls! Initiative to our 10 YR Campaign, we have a number of programs that may strike a philanthropic chord. You can even direct your investment towards impactful projects within a specific region. Don’t miss the opportunity to use your investments to change the lives of thousands of children, their families, and their communities.


Be the sole investor in a project of your choice, following the project closely and even visiting in person. Whether it’s job creation, HIV AIDS, orphan care, anti-sex trafficking… we can find the project that best suits your philanthropic interests.  Naming rights may also be available to ensure your family legacy.


GO Campaign partners with like-minded individuals, families, and foundations who understand that there are solutions to complex problems and we are uniquely equipped to meet those challenges. We are happy to tailor investment opportunities based on your interest and budget. The process is simple. Contact us. Start the conversation and learn how we can help you realize your dream and start changing the lives of children today!

What's next:

GO Campaign’s work has already helped improve the lives of 88,464 children around the world. With your investment, we know we can impact so many more! Together, the opportunities to give opportunities to the children of the world are limitless.

Levels to consider: