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GO Campaign is committed to improving the lives of youth living across Asia, the home to the largest concentration of the world’s youth. One third of the population lives in poverty with more than 70% of the world’s malnourished children residing in the region. Through our grantmaking, we are working to improve the lives of vulnerable children every day. Since 2006, we have partnered with Local Heroes across the region, from Cambodia to India to Afghanistan, to create targeted projects designed to reach the most marginalized children. Together, we can continue changing lives. Join us in our movement. Empower a child today.

Children Impacted

Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Child Rights (CPPCR), Thailand

Burma’s civil war is considered to be the longest ongoing conflict in the world. An estimated 3 million people have fled Burma with more than half remaining internally displaced and hundreds of thousands stuck in “statelessness” as refugees in Thailand. CPPCR’s Recognize Us project is a birth registration program for Burmese refugee children. Without a nationality, these youths are deprived of identity, unable to register school, receive healthcare, or access any assistance from the Thai government. Together, GO Campaign and CPPCR has provided birth certificates for 4,512 children—helping secure their right to being recognized and providing them the opportunity to pursue a better future.

Women’s Awareness Center Nepal (WACN), Nepal

In the rural areas of Nepal, women are often relegated to the lowest rank in society, confined to their home and farm. WACN works to address this by creating economic cooperatives for women so they can become financially self-sufficient and improve their children’s quality of life. Since 2013, GO Campaign has worked with WACN to establish educational centers for children of their cooperative members. When the women attend meetings or trainings, they now bring their children to the Reading Rooms. Here children now have access to books, educational materials, computers, and can receive assistance with their school work. Together, GO Campaign has worked with WACN to develop 6 Reading Room that have empowered over 900 youth.

Dharavi Diary, India

Dharavi is one of the largest slums in the world which spans a 500-acre section of Mumbai and is home to about 1 million people. Families living here have no access to clean water or sanitation facilities, live surrounded by filth, and lack proper nutrition or medical care. In this bleak place, Dharavi Diary is a beacon of hope for girls. Currently municipal authorities are ignoring the needs of the community. Thankfully Dharavi Diary is teaching girls to code and create apps that are starting to address these issues like violence against women and accessing clean water. Together, GO Campaign and Dharavi Diary are giving 100 girls the opportunity to learn technology, improve their quality of life, and have opportunities for a brighter future.

What's next:

GO Campaign funds diverse projects that work to improve educational, social, and economic opportunities for youth living throughout Asia. We are motivated to continue our efforts in ensuring that every child has the opportunities needed to thrive. Future projects include empowering girls in India to excel through a soccer program and assisting disabled youth in Vietnam to obtain employment in the IT sector. With your support, we can realize these goals and so many more! Join us.

We are happy to tailor opportunities based on interest and budget. But it always starts with a conversation. Some supporters underwrite projects; others support the overall initiatives.

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