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Diversity. Tolerance. Acceptance.

GO Campaign is committed to combatting racism and discrimination in any form. We are equally committed to giving opportunities to disenfranchised youth who are at risk of terrorist recruitment. There is no one size fits all model for addressing these issues; we rely on our Local Heroes to inform us of the best solutions and strategies to most effectively meet the needs in their communities. Through our grantmaking, GO Campaign has supported amazing Muslim Local Heroes like Abdul Kassim and Dr. Samira Osman in Kenya, Osman Ysa in Cambodia, and Ali Abu Awwad in the West Bank; We have also funded projects that are specifically creating opportunities and improving the quality of life for Muslim children around the world from Senegal to Pakistan. Here are just some examples of how GO Campaign is prioritizing this need and why we seek help in expanding this critical work.

Children Impacted

Hode Educational and Social Services Organization, Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, cultural barriers prevent girls from receiving an education. The simple existence of Sheikh Yasin School, a school for girls, is breaking the norm and changing the future. GO Campaign is proud to work with Hode Educational and Social Services Organization to keep Sheikh Yasin School open, ensuring 200 girl scholars are able to continue their education uninterrupted.

Roots, West Bank

GO Campaign is working with Roots in the West Bank to build bridges between Palestinian and Israeli youth in an effort to foster sustainable peace in this volatile region. Through a 4-month pilot peace program, youth from both sides of the wall come together in a series of discussions, workshops, and field trips. The goal of the program is to promote non-violence and coexistence.

Maison de la Gare, Senegal

GO Campaign is working with Masion de la Gare to address the needs of talibe, children who often spend 6-8 hours a day begging on the streets of Senegal. Together, we are providing emergency shelter for severely abused children and vocational training opportunities so they can escape the oppressive conditions of their daaras.

What's next:

GO Campaign is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable Muslim youth as well as raising the profile of GO’s Muslim Local Heroes. At a time when disenfranchisement can too often lead to extremism, it is critical to support those offering peaceful opportunities for the Muslim community. Looking ahead, we are excited to support transformative projects such as providing vocational training to Cham youth, an ethnic Muslim minority in Cambodia, increasing educational access to children living in rural Pakistan, and supporting young female entrepreneurs in Kenya.

We are happy to tailor opportunities based on interest and budget. But it always starts with a conversation. Some supporters underwrite projects; others support the overall initiative.

Levels to consider: