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GO Campaign is committed to empowering Local Heroes in our backyard of Los Angeles. Our LA-based partners are addressing the diverse needs of vulnerable children. They are furnishing homes for former foster youth, providing counseling for former gang members, and providing arts education to at-risk youth in underserved neighborhoods. In LA, over 1.5 million people live under the federal poverty line. Youth who are economically and socially disenfranchised are statistically more likely to fail. They often live in chronic poverty with negative peer influences that result in poor academic performance, criminal behavior, gang violence, teenage pregnancy, unhealthy relationships, mental health problems, and shorter lifespans. We are continuing our efforts to impact children in the Los Angeles community. It is our commitment to partner with Local Heroes who are creating a safe places for children to work, play, live, and learn.

Children Impacted

Conscious Youth Global Network

Through its Rites of Passage Program, CYGN works to empower 120 adolescent males living in South-Central Los Angeles. The program empowers youth through mentors, leadership training, and advocacy skills needed to strengthen their lives and improve the community in which they live.

RootDown LA

RootDown LA is a youth-run non-profit committed to bringing better food and nutrition education to neighborhoods in South L.A. RDLA teaches youth about nutrition by engaging them in their urban gardening and composting programs, creating healthier, more engaged, and better educated children.

Brave Trails

Brave Trails is a leadership camp for LGBTQ Youth & Allies. GO Campaign’s support enabled Brave Trails to host their 2nd annual summer camp for 80 LGBTQ teens in 2016. The camp provides youth with a safe space to be themselves and foster meaningful relationships with peers while developing skills for the 21st Century.

What's next:

GO Campaign is working hard to transform our own city – ensuring that kids in our own neighborhoods receive the opportunities needed to thrive. Looking ahead, we are considering so many more exciting projects with innovative partners, such as A Sense of Home, Los Angeles Drama Club, and CleanSlate, Inc. A Sense of Home is working to support youth who have aged out of the foster care system by helping them furnish their first home. Los Angeles Drama Club works to inspire inner-city youth to pursue their dreams through Shakespeare and arts education. CleanSlate LA empowers former gang members and gives them an alternative to gang culture. With your continued support, we can accomplish these goals and so many others! Join us!

We are happy to tailor opportunities based on interest and budget. But it always starts with a conversation. Some supporters underwrite specific projects; others support the overall initiative.

Levels to consider: