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GO Campaign is committed to improving the lives of youth in Latin America and the Caribbean where chronic malnutrition threatens the health and survival of one out of every five children and an estimated 35 million children do not enter any educational program. Through our grantmaking, we are working to improve the lives of vulnerable children every day. Since 2006, we have partnered with Local Heroes in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, and Haiti with targeted projects to reach the most marginalized children. Join us in the movement. Empower a child today.

Children Impacted

Recycled Orchestra, Paraguay

Centered in Paraguay’s biggest landfill, the Recycled Orchestra gives hope and provides alternatives to hundreds of youth for a future beyond the landfill. Through their music education program and youth orchestra, they are teaching children to make beautiful music – from instruments made from trash. Youth in the program receive an education and are dreaming about their future for the first time. GO Campaign’s support helped the Recycled Orchestra grow from 30 to 250 children and funded their dream of building a proper structure for their school. We are committed to working with the Recycled Orchestra to transform this community and continue to inspire the world.

Manos Unidas, Peru

In Peru, children with disabilities are commonly seen as a curse or punishment from God. Many children with severe cognitive difficulties are marginalized — hidden from the community and ostracized from their families. Manos Unidas is working to change this reality. Through their education and vocational training programs, they are helping children realize their full potential. GO Campaign is providing support to expand Manos Unidas’ job training program which helps 25 children annually obtain the skills and experience necessary to find employment, be independent, and show their community that children with disabilities are differently abled and valued members of the community.

Pax Christi Ayiti (SAKALA), Haiti

In Cite Soleil, many rival armed groups fought in continual violence, giving rise to the characterization of Cite Soleil as an outlaw zone. This situation caused fear and mistrust from Haitian living outside of this area and resulted in Cite Soleil residents being neglected and denied basis services. SAKALA was founded to encourage rival neighborhood groups of Cite Soleil to find a peaceful path to live together. Through sports, community building, and peace education, SAKALA is empowering youth. In 2015, GO Campaign provided SAKALA with a grant that enabled them to establish an urban garden and composting program. This served to provide education and entrepreneurship opportunities to at-risk youth while promoting the values of recycling and environmental stewardship.

What's next:

GO Campaign funds diverse projects that work to provide educational, social, and economic opportunities for the youth living in Latin America and the Caribbean. We want to continue our efforts in the region to ensure that every child has the opportunity needed to thrive. Future projects include ensuring indigenous children in Peru’s Sacred Valley are educated and enabling youth in Port-au-Prince to continue to excel on the soccer field and in life.  With your support we can realize this and even more! Join us.

We are happy to tailor opportunities based on interest and budget. But it always starts with a conversation. Some supporters underwrite projects; others support the overall initiatives.

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