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GO Campaign’s first project began in 2006, helping 20 orphans at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Today, we have grown in both our reach and our capacity to serving over 88,464 children around the world. The region of Sub-Saharan Africa will always hold a special place in our history. GO Campaign is committed to improving the lives of youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nearly 50% of the population, about 414 million, live in extreme poverty.  Approximately one in three are undernourished. These challenges, alongside a history of violence and conflict, have created a large population of orphans and vulnerable children. Through our grantmaking, we are working to improve the lives of children every day. Since 2006, we have partnered with Local Heroes in Liberia to Ethiopia to South Africa with targeted projects to reach the most marginalized children. Together, we can continue changing lives. Join us in the movement. Empower a child today.

Children Impacted

Children of Peace, Uganda

The civil war in Uganda raged on for three decades and left thousands of children orphaned and traumatized. It is here that GO’s partner is working to help former child soldiers, child brides and children born in captivity to heal and reenter their communities. GO Campaign’s support has provided therapy and vocational training to youth and now we are helping Children of Peace Uganda generate their own funds to provide scholarships for these children. We are giving them hope and opportunities for a better future for themselves and their families.

Global Visions, Tanzania

In Tanzania, there is no government support system for orphans. These children are at the mercy of others to help them survive and to give an alternative to life on the streets. GO Campaign’s partner Global Visions is more than a shelter for the 40 children who reside there. It is a welcoming home and family, where all children are wanted, loved, and cared for each and every day. GO Campaign’s support ensures that the orphanage can continue to provide quality care for the children, with an eye on projects where the orphanage can generate their own income to sustain the care of the children.

Time for Change, South Africa

In South Africa, children are often forced into prostitution by life circumstances. GO Campaign’s partner Time for Change offers refuge and rehabilitation for these children. Time for Change is an outreach center for street children and former sex workers, and GO Campaign is a proud supporter of their efforts to transform the lives of vulnerable children. GO Campaign has provided furniture for the center and ovens for the bakery job training program. GO Campaign is committed to ensuring that these children have a second chance at life and opportunities for a different future.

What's next:

GO Campaign funds diverse projects that provide educational, social, and economic opportunities for youth living in Sub-Saharan Africa. We want to continue our efforts in the region to ensure that every child has the opportunity needed to thrive. Future projects include providing long-term and short-term therapy and counseling for mentally disabled you in Moshi, Tanzania and continuing support for girls in Nairobi with microloans, soccer, and educational programs. With your support, we can realize this and even more! Join us.

We are happy to tailor opportunities based on interest and budget. But it always starts with a conversation. Some supporters underwrite specific projects; others support the overall initiative.

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