Kibera Girls Soccer Academy’s Computer Lab

In June 2018, GO Campaign gave a grant to Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA) to furnish a computer lab and purchase books for the library for girls at the school. Funds were used for furniture, 40 new desktop computers, 10 new laptops, projectors, shelving and over 200 books. At the end of the grant period, 162 youth have been directly impacted by this grant.

The goals of this project were to prepare students to be competitive in the global job market by increasing their computer knowledge, to enhance their daily learning experience by incorporating technology in the classrooms, and lastly, to enable to school to be more efficient and increase their ability to track data using digital records. Each of these goals have been met.

KGSA has partnered with two organizations, Tunapanda and Nairobits, to offer training in computer skills, coding, and graphic design for 50 students. A computer class has already been incorporated into the school schedule for four grade levels. This has resulted in the best performance in the national exams by a KGSA senior class in its history. Seven students qualified to join university under partial government sponsorship, beating their previous record of two. These seven students were dedicated, frequent users of the computer lab prior to the exams.

KGSA is extremely proud of the culture this project has brought to their school. The computer lab is the most visited place at KGSA by students.


Meet Josphine

Josphine is an orphan who was taken in by her uncle. She was able to join KGSA for her high school education. She was one of the many Grade 12 students who made good use of the lab. Josphine is among 13 girls who used to stay in the computer lab and leave as late as 8:30pm. Josphine sat for her secondary school national exam in November 2018. She performed very well and secured a slot at the University partially sponsored by the Government. She wants to pursue a degree in Education specializing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) where she wants to teach technology to girls in the future.

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