Musa was born in small village in Tanzania. Just seven days after his birth, his mother passed away. His father then ran away and left Musa with his sick, elderly grandmother. A poor villager, his grandmother had little to no means of consistent income and was unable to care for him. When the Linda Children’s Foundation team came to visit, she admitted to not being able to afford three meals a day for her growing grandchild. Musa was physically ill and suffered from the extreme symptoms of malnutrition. Now, thanks to Linda Children’s Foundation, his life has changed. Musa now resides at Linda’s Children’s Foundation Orphanage, where they have nursed him back to health. They provide Musa with three meals a day, pay for his education, and take care of all his basic needs. Now, Musa is one of the best students.

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Poultry for Our Home

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Hamisi Omari Nzuki

Raised by this mother and his grandmother, Hamisi could only afford to attend...

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