Pierre Leverton, 18 years old, came to FONDAPS at the age of 8. Coming from a family living in poverty, Pierre joined FONDAPS because of the many benefits the program offered: the soccer team, the weekly food kits for his family, and the possibility of getting a scholarship. Early on, it was clear that Pierre’s technical skills with the ball were superior to others in his age range and that he had the talent and potential to become a great player. Still, natural gifts are insufficient for success. Discipline, hard work, teamwork, and overall knowledge of the game had to be taught, learned, and applied. With good coaching and mentoring, Pierre became increasingly serious about soccer and slowly progressed into a phenomenal player, dazzling local crowds with incredible goals and his unique technical performance. Unfortunately, Pierre had fallen behind in his formal education, which served as a constant barrier to an otherwise promising future. FONDAPS helped him at every corner: enrolling him in school, providing extra tutoring for coursework, training to improve his language skills, and even finding a safe home for him and his family. FONDAPS even managed to direct him to a second division team in Haiti where he was given the opportunity to travel and try out for a professional team. Thanks to FONDAPS, Pierre succeeded beyond all expectations and recently signed a professional contract to play professionally for France’s first division team in Bastia. Pierre’s story isn’t to say that all of FONDAPS’ young players are destined to become professional soccer players. Instead, Pierre’s story serves as testament to the untapped talent and potential that each child holds within themselves. Despite the challenges of their community, FONDAPS is investing in each of its children to help them discover what they are really capable of.

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