Michelle’s Friday Project Update: Africa Schoolhouse

Today I am going to tell you about one of our partners that is committed to ensuring that all children in Tanzania have access to a quality education.

Organization: Africa Schoolhouse
Location: Iteja, Tanzania

Context: Did you know that less than 1% of girls in Tanzania complete secondary school? Girls are plagued with barriers that limit their access to education. From child marriage to unsafe school locations these girls are rarely given the opportunity to succeed.

Background: GO’s partner Africa Schoolhouse is dedicated to bringing quality education, medical care, job training and clean water to rural villages in Northern Tanzania.

Current Status: In February 2013, GO Campaign approved a grant for $40,000 to Africa Schoolhouse to support the construction of the Milembe Girls School. This school is the first girls’ boarding school in Misungwi District! Thanks to GO’s support they were able to build a science lab benefiting 327 girls. These girls will be learning skills that just a couple of years ago were beyond their reach.

Meet Neema
Neema is senior in high school. She is one of the youngest of her seven siblings and the first to attend secondary school! Neema hopes to become a nurse when she grows up. Her mission is to educate and encourage women to send their children to school; when she is a mother one day, she is committed to sending all her children to school. After all, no one knows better than her how access to education can transform a girl’s life.