Michelle’s Friday Project Update: Asociacion Angeles de la Caridad y la Musica

Today I am going to share information on a project that showcases how GO Campaign is leading the charge in ensuring that vulnerable children receive the support needed to thrive.

Organization: Asociacion Angeles de la Caridad y la Musica
Location: Puno, Peru

Context: Microtia is a malformation of the ear that occurs in 1 out of every 8,000-10,000 births. It can range from external ear deformities to hearing impairment. Families of children with microtia struggle to obtain treatment; for those in under-resourced areas of the world, many families cannot even get the proper information to understand what is happening to their child let alone be able to access the medical treatment needed to assist them.

Background: GO’s Local Hero, Giannina Boggio, has dedicated her life to ensuring the indigenous children in Puno receive the support needed to thrive. In 2012, she invited a group of US doctors to conduct a medical clinic addressing the needs of children suffering from lip and cleft palate surgeries. It was such a success and the need was so great, it became an annual event. As word spread, children suffering from microtia came to the clinic but the doctors were unable to provide them assistance. They put their names on a waiting list hoping that one day that would have the resources to assist these children.

Current Status: In March 2016, GO Campaign approved a grant for $20,000 to Asociacion Angeles de la Caridad y la Musica to ensure that the 15 children with microtia could finally be treated. This August 29th-Sept. 3rd thanks to GO Campaign, the first mircrotia surgeries ever to be performed in Peru outside of Lima successfully took place.

Meet Kelly
Kelly is 10 years old and lives in a small town in the Pun region of southeastern Peru. She was born with a severe form of microtia that impacted her ability to hear. Not fully understanding the issues with their daughter, Kelly’s family sought to give her a normal life. However, she was constantly bullied and mistreated by other children. The abuse was so bad, the family even considered moving. Two years ago, Kelly’s family brought her to the medical clinic seeking treatment but there was no support for children with microtia at the time. This year, she was overjoyed to realize that they could help her. She is so thankful for the opportunity to feel better and hear properly. She is excited to be able to play and interact with other children and be able to make friends for the first time in her life.