Michelle’s Friday Project Update: Capacity Building

Today, I am going to take a break from updating you on our projects to share some exciting news regarding our capacity building initiative.

Context: Our Local Heroes are individuals who saw children in need and stepped in to intervene. Many may not have the qualifications, business acumen, or knowledge that an individual hired for their positions would have. Instead and more importantly, they have an unwavering resolve and the courage to push themselves beyond what others think is humanly possible.

Background: In December 2013, GO Campaign’s Board of Directors approved a capacity building pilot program to supplement our grantmaking. This initiative involved exploring tangible ways GO Campaign could provide non-monetary support to grantees to increase their effectiveness and chances for long term sustainability. Efforts have included connecting partners in our grantee network and sharing resources and best practices.

Current Status: On Saturday June 25th, GO Campaign held its first capacity building workshop for Los Angeles-based grantees. The session was led by Anna Ress, a marketing and branding expert at Intuit. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive; partners are already requesting future sessions. I am so excited and proud of GO for achieving this milestone and for recognizing that sometimes the people who are helping others are the ones that need support and assistance. They can get burnt out, lost, or overwhelmed. Just like the hand they are extending to the children they help, they need someone to extend a hand to them and help them solve their problems. Stay tuned for future updates on GO’s efforts to increase the resiliency and effectiveness of our Local Heroes!