Michelle’s Friday Project Update: FVCMWET

Today I am going to share a story about a Local Hero that GO Campaign has worked with since 2008; he is a Local Hero who constantly wants to grow and seeks feedback to ensure his organization’s health and sustainability.

Organization: FVCMWET
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Context: Did you know that 24.5 million people are living with AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa? In Tanzania alone, HIV/AIDS has devastated an entire generation leaving a nation of orphans. For many of these children, an orphanage is the only place they have to find food, shelter, education, and medical care.

Background: Local Hero Dominic Balama is a lawyer turned social worker who has spent much of his professional career fighting for the rights of vulnerable children. He founded an orphanage in 2005 to give boys living on the streets a home and the support needed to become productive members of their community. He mission is to empower these youth to be aware of their rights so they can be advocates for themselves and others.

Current Status: In March 2015, GO Campaign approved a grant for $16,924 to help Dominic establish several income generating projects such as a dairy farm, a chicken farm, and a milling project. Dominic reports that, as a result of the grant, he is able to earn approximately $366 per month. Funds generated from these activities are being reinvested in the orphanage to ensure the continued quality care of the children.

Meet Innocent

Innocent was living on the street for 3 years before Dominic found him in 2008. He was 8 years old at the time and an orphan. Thanks to GO Campaign’s support over the years, Innocent was able to attend school. He is now in secondary school. He shares,

“I am very glad because I sleep happily. Now I am in secondary school and speaking a little English. I am in good health. I eat food every day. My life has changed and improved. Thanks to the people who helped us!”