Michelle’s Friday Project Update: Khushi Charitable Society

Today I am going to share information on one of our partners that is working hard to help children break the cycle of poverty through job training.

Organization: Khushi Charitable Society
Location: Rishikesh, India

Context: Rishikesh is a mecca for spiritual awakening, but it is also a place of extreme hardship and poverty for many. The schools are overcrowded and teacher attendance is poor. Most children drop out before completing 12th grade. Girls get married early (many as young as 13 years old) and the boys start low-wage jobs to help their families financially. Without sufficient education, resources, or connections, the cycle of poverty continues.

Background: GO’s Local Hero, Anand Mehrotra, is committed to improving the living conditions of children in his community. Since founding Khushi Charitable Society in 2002, Anand has helped over 3,000 children through after-school programming which now includes academics, a nutrition program, medical assistance, and vocational training courses. At this center, youth have the opportunity to learn skills that are important for succeeding in Rishikesh’s growing tourist and yoga industries so they can have opportunities beyond life in the slums.

Current Status: In September 2015, GO Campaign approved a grant for $31,800 to Khushi to support their vocational training school which provides classes for youth in computer literacy, hospitality, embroidery, naturopathy, barbering, and more. Currently 30 of the 120 youth have successful completed the program. On average, program graduates increased their families’ income by $43 per month.

UntitledI would like to introduce you to Sangeeta. She is 20 years old and lives with her mother, 5 brothers, and one sister. Sangeeta’s father passed away, and the family was surviving on the 3,500 rupees per month ($52) one of her brother’s earned as a day laborer. Thanks to your support, Sangeeta was able to participate in Khushi’s beauty salon training program and now has a job cutting hair. She is earning 3,000 rupees per month ($45) which is helping improve the lives of her entire family. She would like to thank you for giving her the opportunity to learn a trade, be employed, and help ease the financial burden of her family.