Michelle’s Friday Project Update: Watoto Ciao

Today, I am going to tell you how a small grant can make a big difference.

Organization: Watoto Ciao
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Context: Across Kenya, millions of disabled people are hidden away — locked up and forgotten, often by families who can’t get them proper treatment.

Background: GO Local Hero Simon Mwangi runs a clinic which provides therapeutic care and services to children with disabilities. Prior to GO Campaign support, the clinic consisted of one table and one mattress. There was limited equipment available for staff to use to properly care for the children in need of their services.

Current Status: In September 2015, GO Campaign approved a grant for $3,809 to Watoto Ciao to purchase equipment and supplies needed at the clinic. GO Campaign was the first such organization to provide them with this type of support; previous donors had only given them funding to cover staff salaries. Thanks to GO, Watoto Ciao is now able to set fractures, apply/remove casts, fit/adjust assistive walking devices, provide physical therapy, and much more. This small grant is helping to improve the lives of so many children and their families.

Meet Mwaura

Watoto Ciao

Mwaura is 3 years old. Mwaura’s mother noticed her son’s development was delayed at five months. She was concerned and visited several hospitals and clinics before getting a diagnosis of post-delivery rickets due to poor feeding. Seeking therapy for her son, she reached out to Watoto Ciao. She has been coming to the clinic every Saturday with her son since March 2014. Mwaura is currently starting to walk. The therapists are using a hammock purchased with GO Campaign funds to help Mwaura manage his fear around walking.

Mwaura’s mother shared, “Therapy has been my savior. When I saw the materials and equipment donated by GO Campaign, I took time to thank God. Many children, like mine, will be assisted. In terms of fear management, I believe if a hammock was available before my son could have walked a long time ago. I say thank you for your generosity.”