Michelle’s Friday Project Update: Willka Tika

Today I am going to share information on one of GO’s long-time partners. GO Campaign has been working with teacher Jessica Flores Huamantica and her husband, Richar, since 2008. Together, we have built classrooms, repaired schools, built a greenhouse, and ensured that hundreds of children in the Sacred Valley have access to education. Despite a battle with cancer and being reassigned schools by the government against her wish, Jessica has advocated for her children relentlessly so they can have access to a brighter future. Please keep reading to learn more about this amazing GO partner.

Organization: Willka T’ika
Location: Huancalle, Peru

Context: In the remote Andean villages in the Sacred Valley of Peru, Quechua children are eager to learn. The communities are very poor and most schools consists of dilapidated buildings lacking desks, blackboard, school supplies, and textbooks.

Background: GO’s Local Hero, Jessica Flores Huamantica, is dedicated to these children. Jessica knows that her students do not have an equal playing field; they have to combat discrimination against indigenous peoples, and the lack of opportunity that comes with that, in order to have a better life.

Current Status: In March 2015, GO Campaign approved a grant for $25,000 to Jessica to improve the infrastructure at three remote schools in the Sacred Valley. Funds were disbursed in two installments, and Jessica just submitted her final report. She shared that when she first arrived at one of the schools, the barren rooms were full of cobwebs, rodents, dust, and everything was a mess. Thanks to GO’s support, look at the classroom now! In addition to the repairs, Jessica was able to purchase school supplies, multimedia projector, laptop and sound equipment. The new technology will enhance the students learning and give them the opportunity to develop their 21st century skills.

Jessica had her students write thank you letters to show you their appreciation.

Jessica student Angie wanted to thank you for coming to her school. She is very happy to be studying in this beautiful school. She sends her love to all of you.