Method to Our Grantmaking

By: Michelle Costa, Director of Programs at GO Campaign

The core of GO’s grantmaking is to ensure that children have the opportunities, resources,and support needed to not just live but to thrive. We do not just want to provide a meal or purchase a uniform but to provide skills, resources, and support necessary to help children grow up to be healthy, happy, and active members of their community.

In Thailand, we are addressing the issue of statelessness. Children born to Burmese refugees are neither Thai nor Burmese citizens. Without GO’s assistance, they are growing up without a nationality or rights to protect themselves. We are proud to work with Dr. Cynthia Maung to help parents obtain birth certificates for their newborns so that they can have the rights and protections of any Thai citizen.

In Cambodia, we are working to close the gender gap and increase the life opportunities for girls. Frequently, Cambodian parents are not able to afford to educate all their children. When forced to make a choice, they often choose to educate their sons. Girls are needed to help take care of younger siblings, do chores, or work to support the family. GO believes strongly that educating girls improves the quality of life not only for them but for generations to come. We are proud to work with Venerable Somnieng Hoeurn to assist girls to complete secondary school. GO is providing funds to construct a library so these girls have a place to study and pursue their dreams.

Some people might argue that arts programs are not a priority for children living in extreme poverty. Funds should be used to provide for their basic needs or education. GO Campaign believes that enrichment programs are essential and give children hope. In Paraguay, the Recycled Orchestra is doing just that. Using instruments made out of trash, children are learning not only how to play but how to dream of possibilities and a life beyond the landfill where they live. The music education program and youth orchestra are a beacon of hope for the entire community and GO Campaign is proud to provide the funds needed to pay the music teachers to help sustain this program.

In addition to support organizations efforts to care for children, we also believe in using our grant funds to help these grassroots organizations increase their own sustainability. We believe it is essential to help our partners find ways to continue to sustain themselves after our grants are over. We invest in our partners and believe in helping them to develop income generating projects so they generate their own revenue to cover their operating and administrative costs. One of these sustainability grants was awarded to Community Transformers caring for 26 orphans in Nairobi. GO is helping Community Transformers establish a grain store. The funds they earn will be reinvested in Community Transformers and assist them to complete the construction of the dining hall and library at their orphanage.

GO understands that there are children in need everywhere. We support projects in the United States as well as internationally. GO supports four projects in the United States which address critical needs such as reducing teen suicide rates, gang violence, and unemployment.

These are just as few of the new projects which GO Campaign is supporting. We are always happy to answer any questions you have regarding our grantmaking. If you have any questions, you can contact us at