Pehli Kiran School System

The ‘First Friday Update’ of September highlights how GO Campaign is increasing access to education for vulnerable children around the world. Thanks to GO Campaign, 1,750 children in Islamabad, Pakistan now have an opportunity to learn, to dream, and to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families!

GO Campaign’s partner, Pehli Kiran School System (PKSS) is unique because they cater to children from transient communities living on the fringes of Pakistan’s cities, who often fall through the cracks of the mainstream educational system. PKSS serves communities where schools are non-existent or inaccessible due to fees or distance. In these communities, the majority of fathers are day laborers and the mothers work as domestic help. Children, especially girls, look after their younger siblings while others contribute to the household income through rag-picking, scrap-dealing, begging on the streets, or working as domestic help. PKSS offers these children their only chance to learn and have better opportunities for their future.

In January, GO Campaign partnered with PKSS to ensure students in eight mobile classrooms have access to education. Not only are children now able to attend school, they are excelling at it! This year, over 90% of their students passed the annual exam from Nursery through Grade 4, and 92% of Grade 5 students passed the Federal Board exam and were mainstreamed into formal public schools. These schools are islands of happiness and learning in an otherwise extremely harsh environment. We are proud to partner with PKSS to ensure these children are literate and have better employment opportunities.

Meet Muhammed
Muhammed is 9 years old. His father works in a factory and earns just enough money for the family of 7 to survive. Like many families in the community, there was no money to spare for education. Thanks to PKSS’s free education model, Muhammad and his siblings are now able to attend school. His favorite subjects are English, Urdu, and Mathematics. Muhammad said, “my favorite thing about school is reading,” before he added, “and my friends.”

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