Luang Prabang District

A Room to Read and Learn

A Room to Read and Learn

Results: Final Report

GO’s grant to Lenou’s Library ensured that the only public library for the children living in the Luang Prabang District not only remained opened by securing its rent, but that it was able to expand its resources, materials and services to enhance the children’s language and computer literacy. Offering a quiet place to read and study and a small computer lab, Lenou’s Library used the grant funds to purchase additional books and educational materials as well expand their English language class offerings to include both children and older youth. The library is now equipped with staff and language teachers to assist more children in gaining valuable skills to advance their education and improve their employment opportunities.


Lenou Sypasurt

Lenou Sypasurt is a young man who dreams of a literate youth population in Laos....
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