A School for Tigray

A School for Tigray

Results: Final Report

Thanks to donations through GO and imagine1day, several school renovation projects have been completed including construction of a 4-classroom building made of stone and cement, an eight-stall latrine for students, and installation of a water fountain to provide students with clean water. The entire community has benefited from school improvement projects. The new physical structure encouraged parents to send their children to school and near perfect attendance was recorded for the 126 first through fourth grade students. Additionally, teachers and PTA members received training to build their capacity to lead the Laelay Wukro School, and the students and PTA have developed several income generating activities to benefit the school. Approximately $525 has been raised so far and will be re-invested in the school.

Tsegaw, a 15-year old student, said, “Before the new school was built, we went to class in the open-air school and it was too hot. We were under the sun all day and my eyes would begin to hurt from the sun and the dust. This made it very hard to concentrate. Now everything is different! We have a beautiful school with walls, windows and a roof. It is cool inside our classroom and it is comfortable. Now I can concentrate with no problems!”


Seid Aman

Seid Aman is a Local Hero in the Sinana District of Ethiopia and is the leader o...
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