Access = Opportunity

Access = Opportunity

Results: Final Report

The GO Community helped GO’s partner Rwanda Growth Initiative (RGI) transform a vocational training school by providing the infrastructure, renovation, equipment and resources needed to successfully, annually teach more than 100 marginalized youth new skills such as customer service, secretarial skills, computer technology, electrician skills, welding and the English language. The school, Centre de Formation des Jeunes Aux Metiérs (CFJM), is located in Gisenyi, a beautiful lakeside town that will soon be bustling with hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions and thus employment opportunities. RGI’s contributions to this school will have a lasting impact. Graduates will be able to secure stable jobs that will enable them to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. In addition, RGI created a fund to care for adolescent boys in need of support in order to assist them in becoming engaged and productive members of their community. Funds are currently being used to provide food, lodging, school fees, and other basic necessities for 7 orphans.


Grace Nakato

Grace Nakato—or “Mama Grace” as the children call her—strives to...
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