Sialkot District

Advancing Digital Access

Advancing Digital Access

Results: Interim Report

This grant supports the expansion of a school computer lab and digital literacy programming. The mission of Mubarika Campus is to provide a safe, healthy, and not-for-profit platform for education to children in an otherwise rural and neglected locality of Pakistan. Mubarika believes by improving the school’s access to technology, the students will be equipped with skills for a better future. This grant project focuses on purchasing additional computers for the school’s computer lab and maintaining long-term use through regular electricity and internet access. With the new computers, Mubarika will be able to provide access to e-classes such as those available through Khan Academy; improve students’ computer literacy skills; and strengthen their general knowledge through basic Internet research. The campus will also host community learning classes several times a month during off-school hours to share informational videos on farming, safe hygiene, etc.


Nadir Minhas

Nadir is the Chairman of the Mubarika Trust, which oversees the growth and succe...
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