Arts Education for At-risk Children with Disabilities

Arts Education for At-risk Children with Disabilities

Results: Final Report

Mtakuja Art Group is a community of talented Tanzanian artists from the small rural village of Mto wa Mbu in northern Tanzania. They sell their professional artwork to tourists and as part of the group’s mission, they teach at-risk youth, ages 6-13, about their cultural heritage and train them how to create quality pieces of artwork that can be sold in the Arusha city markets. Many of these students are living with physical disabilities, are orphans and/or live on the streets.

Thanks to the $2,500 grant, Mtakuja Art Group now has 29 young graduates equipped with the artistic training, resources and skills to help them earn a sustainable living. The Mtakuja Art Group values education and thus offers flexible hours to allow students to develop their artistic skills after school hours, during the weekend and on holidays. In addition, the adult artists teach students life skills and help them to manage their earnings.


Mtakuja Art Group

The Tanzanian artists who formed the Mtakuja Art Group Collective are Local Hero...
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