Beds, Blankets and School Furnishings for Students

Beds, Blankets and School Furnishings for Students

Results: Final Report

GO Campaign purchased 2 tables, 9 chairs, 10 blankets, and 5 mattresses, totaling $1250, for school children from the small rural town of Berivotra in northwestern Madagascar.

The struggling Berivotra community was in need of basic supplies. During the rainy season, from November to April, it is common for the children to become sick and fall behind in their studies because they are studying on the ground and sleeping on the dirt floors of their homes or other community structures. But now, just in time to make a difference, the children are warmer and more comfortable, and their studying will be more productive.

Most of the people in the area are internally displaced refugees and make their living through subsistence farming. Very few families own livestock and those who do often end up selling it prematurely before a profit-making herd can be established in order to buy food. Others produce charcoal and sell it to nearby urban centers. The Berivotra community greatly values education, and we are happy to have been able to come to their aid.

GO thanks our partner The Madagascar Ankizy Fund for helping to facilitate the delivery and success of this project.


Pierre Rakotoson

Pierre Rakotoson is the In-Country Coordinator for the Madagascar Ankizy Fund (M...
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