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Build a School

Build a School

Results: Final Report

Thanks to donations received from the students attending the International School of Abu Dhabi, we have completed the building of the new 5-classroom SomRong High School. As a result, 208 students from Tayek, Popel and Chansor junior high schools who otherwise wouldn’t be able to continue their education started attending classes in January and will able to continue their education! Secondary schools are scarce in rural Cambodia, and those that do exist are too costly for most families to afford. SomRong High School is much needed and welcomed addition to the community.

Ms. Pon Sopheap, a single mom, told SomRong’s Director: “I told my daughter Kanha to quit school because I wouldn’t be able to afford her to go school in DomDek [located more than 7 miles away], but now because of SomRong at least for this year, she is still in school.”

Kanha and her peers are attending school thanks to the students at International School of Abu Dhabi who raised the money to support the construction of SomRong High School.