Child Rights Empowerment

Child Rights Empowerment

Results: Interim Report

This grant supports the legal rights and advocacy for children in Tanzania, especially the most vulnerable of them. The mission of First Eye Limited is to promote human rights within the community, observe all human rights violations, and provide programs to benefit the entire community – including Jukwaa La Sheria, a legal children rights program. First Eye Limited believes that through education and outreach, they can help children understand their own legal rights and responsibilities to take care of themselves and their families. This project helps fund Jukwaa’s radio program that teaches good governance and child rights advocacy. Radio participants include legal experts, child rights advocates, police members, and audience members themselves. Grant funds also support a child rights workshop series in the local schools. The students participating in these workshops will be in the 4th-7th grades. The curriculum covers child rights and responsibilities within the community, as well as chronic legal problems facing the children.


George Mayalla

George is the Senior Legal Advisor at First Eye Limited. He is also the founder ...
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