Kilimanjaro Region

Education Essentials for the Holidays

Education Essentials for the Holidays

Results: Final Report

In December 2008, GO Founder Scott Fifer visited Tuseme’s center for street kids and orphans as well as their kindergarten and awarded them a grant to fulfill some pressing needs in addition to celebrating the holiday season like never before!

The timely grant allowed Tuseme Director Dominic Balama to host a Christmas feast of chicken and pilau (traditional rice dish), buy clothes for the children, purchase small gifts the children could give each other in a gift-exchange and give a small bonus to the staff who care for the children. For everyone at Tuseme, it was a Christmas to remember.

Beyond the celebration, the majority of the grant went towards improving the children’s education. Dominic combined GO’s grant with some of Tuseme’s savings to pay for:

  • Uniforms for students so they were able to attend school in Moshi
  • 40 new desks and benches for the school in Moshi so students don’t have to sit on the floor
  • Construction of an informal classroom where more children can study
  • School fees for a few of the older street children to be able to attend school in Arusha

Fred, one of the children living at Tuseme, told Dominic, “Tunashukuru na Mungu atawalipa.” meaning, “We are thankful and God will repay them.”