Education on the GO

Education on the GO

Results: Final Report

GO’s grant to H.O.P.E. supports the Mobile Teaching Program (MTP) that is successfully teaching literacy to 400 children residing in rural communities on the northern coast of Haiti. Funds have allowed 8 teachers to travel the footpaths in Borgne with educational supplies and materials to teach literacy to groups of children living in this extraordinarily remote area. Notably, the program prepares students to enter primary school and fosters an appreciation for learning which motivates the students to continue their education despite the arduous journey they must make to access their local school. Rose-Marie Chierici, Executive Director of Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E.), our partner in Haiti, reports: “If not for the MTP, children living on the margins of the world would remain illiterate making this program by far the most important one. The long-term impact is tremendous.”


Rose-Marie Chierici

Rose-Marie, a native born Haitian, was determined to find a way to improve healt...
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