Emergency Earthquake Relief

Emergency Earthquake Relief

Results: Final Report

When the earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince we knew immediately that we needed to help H.O.P.E., GO’s trusted partner in Haiti, respond. Soon after the earthquake, refugees began fleeing Port-au-Prince in search of shelter, healthcare and a safe place away from tremors and aftershocks. H.O.P.E. became the lifeline for these refugees. Due to the generosity and speed in which the GO Community donated, GO was able to contribute $64,934 to H.O.P.E.’s earthquake relief efforts that included:

  • Airlifting critical supplies, medicines, food, cots and a generator
  • A medical team who helped convert a hangar into a makeshift medical clinic and provide emergency medical attention to refugees
  • The resettlement of families and orphans
  • The development and ongoing implementation of a mental health and feeding program to address the social, economic and emotional needs of the refugees
  • Installation of a water purification system providing clean water to over 1000 people

The refugees lost everything and needed help to heal and reconstruct their lives, and GO’s donation enabled H.O.P.E. to quickly get these relief efforts under way. Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E.), the only nongovernmental organization in the northern region of Borgne, provides children living in the region with access to health care and education.