Freedom to Roll

Freedom to Roll

Results: Final Report

Samburu Handicap Education and Rehabilitation Programme (SHERP) is a loving home and community center for 156 children living with disabilities. Founded by Grace Seneiya, SHERP’s goals are to provide the children with their basic needs such as healthcare and education and to work with the children’s families in hopes of the children returning home to be cared for by their families and becoming integrated within the community.

GO’s grant to pave the pathways, replacing the uneven dirt and rocks, that connect all the buildings has been an enormous boost to the children’s day-to-day quality of life and has had an overwhelming effect! The blind children and wheelchair-bound children are now able to move freely without needing assistance from the caretakers or other children. The pathways have not only fostered the morale of all the children, but they’ve demonstrated the importance of safeguarding the rights of persons living with disabilities within the community. Grace asked the children to share their feelings with us:

“I am able to move from my bed to the library without any assistance from my friends, because I can sideline along the paths with no help at all. Thanks to the assistance of GO Campaign!” ~ Lucas

“I have been spending a lot of time going to town to repair my wheelchair. I am sure of no more breaking of my wheelchair.” ~ Deli.

“I will no longer go out to look for a flat path to practice sports with my wheelchair, this paths are perfect for exercise, thanks to GO.” ~ Moses


Grace Seneiya

Grace Seneiya is a Local Hero Samburu, Kenya.  She founded and runs SHERP, an o...
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