Gatanga District

Gatanga Kids

Gatanga Kids

The Opportunity

Gatanga Furaha Children’s Center (GFCC) addresses the needs of orphans living in the Gatanga District of Nairobi, Kenya. Many of the 22 orphans who call GFCC home witnessed their parents die of AIDS and have suffered the hardships of severe poverty. For the last 3 years, GO Campaign has partnered with GFCC to provide these orphans with a loving environment, improved diet, clothing, access to health care, and an education. As a result of this support, children at GFCC are thriving! Two of the older children earned such high marks on their national exams that they were accepted with full scholarships to the best schools in the district.  Funding from GO Campaign has made a significant impact in the lives of these children, and while sustainable solutions are explored, continued support is critical to ensuring that all the children have the tools they need to excel in school and in life.

The Plan

Our grant will provide:

• Providing basic needs such as food and clothing for the 22 orphans
• Financing school fees, mandatory uniforms, supplies, and tutoring
• Paying the rent to prevent eviction of the children and staff at GFCC

The Reason

As a result of the AIDS epidemic, over 43% of Kenya’s population is under the age of 15. There are over one million orphans, and the number is growing at an alarming rate. Human Rights Watch Group estimates that there are up to 600,000 street children in Kenya, most of them orphaned by AIDS. Without assistance, these children have no access to adequate nutrition, health care, and an education. The government is unable to meet this growing need and many children are forced to beg, scavenge for food, or participate in criminal activities or prostitution in order to survive. Through our collaboration, the GO Community can help GFCC address the needs of orphans in Gatanga, ensuring that they have everything they need to break the cycle of poverty and not return to a life on the streets.