Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter

Results: Final Report

“We thank all people who enabled [us] to live in a safe place at Tuseme shelter. We used to sleep under tables or besides the river escaping bad people who harass us. Now we have beds and mattresses and eat nutritious food.” ~ Teenager living at Tuseme

Dominic Balama, Executive Director of Tuseme Children Empowerment Trust (Tuseme), tells GO that he believes there are at least 1200 orphans and children living on the streets in his small town of Arusha. His mission in life is to help every orphan who needs a home. Child by child, the GO Community is helping Dominic improve the lives of so many, reassuring them that someone cares about them.

The GO Community has been able to improve the lives of more than 160 children often living on the brink of life. With GO’s grant, Tuseme’s accomplishments include:

  • Providing a home and a safe environment for 120 children now comfortably sleep and play
  • Helped 42 children who once lived at Tuseme return to live with their extended families
  • Cultivating a vegetable garden and poultry pen that now provides 160 children with healthy food
  • Paid government school fees for 16 children and supplied them with the required uniforms, shoes and school materials in addition to enrolling students in vocational training classes for mechanics
  • Helped orphans claim their inheritance by paying their legal fees and supporting them through the process
  • Educated community and government leaders, police and social workers about their responsibility to help orphans and vulnerable children

Yasin Gaspe, 12 years old, who lives at Tuseme sent this message to GO supporters, “I thanks you all for helping me from the streets and send me to Government school, giving me food and clothes. I would like to promise positive success in my studies.”