Girls Health Advocacy

Girls Health Advocacy

Results: Interim Report

This grant supports reproductive health education for adolescent girls, while at the same time making it possible for them to stay in school once they reach puberty. It also supports the enterprise and sale of reusable menstrual health kits for these girls living in rural communities. The mission of SAFECO is to empower women and girls for positive life and leadership opportunities. Three of SAFECO’s Girl Ambassador leaders attended a training in Uganda with Days for Girls to learn about menstrual health and how to create reusable sanitary pads. Upon their return, the ambassadors have already met with school administrators and students in a workshop focused on safe menstrual health options. The girls are happy to learn about and use safer sanitary pads, but it will take acceptance from the men and community leaders to make this project successful. SAFECO is working hard to reach most girls as well as collect data regarding the impact on the kits to girls’ lives.


Neema Namadamu

“I am not interested in making a little noise, I want to change the paradigm....
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