Greening of 10 Schools

Greening of 10 Schools

Results: Final Report

GO awarded GAWA a $4,900 grant that enabled 15 schools in Namibia to plant and grow organic orange trees on campus which helped to raise awareness on the importance of living in a “green” community that promotes environmental sustainability.

This grant paid for the orange trees, fertilizer, compost and necessary equipment to care for the trees. In addition, students and teachers were taught how to properly care for the trees and GAWA used this opportunity to discuss with the students the environmental social problems plaguing the community, such as the lack of clean water.

In addition to the beatification of 15 schools, the process of planting these 120 trees galvanized the Green Movement in Windhoek, which has been dubbed the “concrete jungle” of Namibia.


Gareth Amos

In November 2009, Gareth Amos successfully launched Namibia’s first green char...
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