Kilimanjaro Region

Into the Light Education Fund

Into the Light Education Fund

Results: Final Report

With GO’s grant of $13,891, the GO Community funded the building of a kindergarten classroom for Tuseme in Moshi, in the rural area of Mabogini, where 68 new kindergarteners are now enrolled. Unlike most of the other classrooms, this classroom has windows, cement walls and a brand new roof! This grant also provided the young students with uniforms, school supplies and the daily necessities they need.

While many schools in the area discriminate against students who are HIV positive but this school in Moshi does not which makes it possible for ten HIV positive kindergartners to attend school. Already, four kindergartners have graduated and are attending government primary school — we commend their great accomplishment!


Dominic Balama

Dominic Balama is a lawyer and social worker who has spent much of his professio...
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