Kibera Girls

Kibera Girls

Results: Final Report

Thanks to the support of the GO community, Kibera Girls Soccer Academy was able to expand their microfinance program. Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA) is more than just a secondary school. Facility and staff are invested in seeing their students succeed academically as well as have the tools and support needed to excel post-graduation. Their model of providing a rigorous, free education for girls is working; however, not all of their students are able to attend university. For those students, KGSA created a microfinance program to give these girls an alternative to early marriage. In this program, students learn entrepreneurial skills and they have the opportunity to develop a plan to start their own business. Successful plans are awarded seed funding. The funds for the grant enabled KGSA to provide 15 girls with small loans to start a business. Some of the businesses have already generated profits and they girls were able to pay their loans back! With these funds, KGSA was able to give loans to 2 additional girls. As loans are repaid, KCGSA will continue the program with more students.


Abdul Kassim

Abdul Kassim, has been a Kibera resident his entire life. Growing up and being r...
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