Kilimahewa School

Kilimahewa School

Results: Final Report

Thanks to the support of the GO Community, we were able to build a small school for the Kilimahewa Women and Orphan Center for Education (KIWOCE). As a result, 82 students are able to continue their formal school education and 150 youth are attending non-formal secondary school classes. Without this school, these youth would have no other opportunity to continue to learn or to improve their opportunities for employment. In addition, the classrooms are used to hold workshops and seminars to educate the larger community on critical topics such as autism, special needs, and life skills. GO Campaign is proud to work with KIWOCE to help educate and improve the lives of vulnerable youth in their community.


Grace Lyimo

Local Hero Grace Lyimo is known as “Mama Grace” in the village of Kilimahewa...
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