Leading through Reading

Leading through Reading

Results: Final Report

Thanks to the support of the GO community, Leading Through Reading was able to construct a computer lab benefitting children in rural Cameroon. The mission of Leading Through Reading is to provide quality education opportunities to the village children through a strong multimedia library. Funds helped purchase 11 new computers and pay for Internet access. The new computer lab has brought much excitement and opportunity not only to the students but also to the greater community. Thanks to the support of the GO Community, Leading through Reading was able to provide computer literacy and social media programming and outreach. The youth were grateful to have the computers and Internet as a resource tool for their education. Without the computers, the students had very little resources, and consequently very little motivation to learn. This computer lab changed their perspective of quality education.


Alexis Wangmene

A gifted basketball player, Alexis was presented with the opportunity to leave h...
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